I believe we are all unique and the jewelry we choose to wear is an expression of that.  It represents who we are, what we believe, where we’ve been, who we love.  It can be a symbol of many things, but it’s the significance of that expression that makes the jewelry truly special.

Inspired by my love of nature and travel, my jewelry is designed to make women feel strong, powerful, feminine, and refined.  Its subtlety and delicateness never come on too strong.  The unique gemstones add color and an ‘earthy elegance’ while the lines and chains add an understated refinement.  They are designed to be mixed and matched and when worn together, they make a beautiful statement.  

I was born to work in a creative field.  Passed down throughout the generations, my grandmother is a great mentor and role model, having been a professional craftsperson herself.  She had me crocheting at the age of 5 and making beads by the time I was a teenager.  I’ve tried it all, but it was jewelry that became my greatest love.  I make it because I love the details, the art of adornment.  It’s the jewelry that elevates the outfit, expresses the personality.  Jewelry is art for the body.

Amy Olson Jewelry is made with the finest hand-selected gems, warm brass, sterling silver, and goldfill.  Mixed metals, delicate wirewraps, and hammered curves are the foundation of my line.  Each piece is finished with a patina and sanded for added detail and quality assurance, also adding a uniqueness to each piece.  Mostly self-taught, with the addition of a class here or there, I have been making jewelry for over 20 years, honing the craft and establishing my place as a designer in the field.  I truly love the women I meet through this industry and making the jewelry that has established these connections from all over the world.