My First Giveaway and a Big Birthday Sale!

It's Summer, it's July, aaaannnddd it's my birthday month!  So many good things all rolled into one.  I love this month for all the memories it holds and for its glorious weather.  July is just all around good.  I've been relishing in its glory and feeling ever so grateful for you, my friends.  Yes, if you are here reading my blog, then you are likely someone who I'd like to call 'friend'.  I hope that's okay with you!  One of my top values in this life is connection and community.  I think of that every time I make a piece of jewelry.  When it goes out into the world, I want the receiver to feel the loving energy that I've put into it.  I know that may be a bit woo-woo, but I figure since I love what I do, I must be pouring good energy into it!  And moreover, I'm nothing, but grateful to you for being so supportive.  With that said, I am doing a giveaway soon to show you my gratitude and appreciation.  And after the giveaway, I'll be having my biggest sale of the year!  My one and only Birthday Sale!  To get ready, I've been adding so many new designs and one off's to the site.  My birthday is just one week away.... stay tuned for all the details!  


I will be sharing the details here, as well as on my newsletter (so let me know if you want to be signed up!), and my Instagram.  Thanks, as always, for being here!

New Stockists!

I am so pleased to share that you can now find Amy Olson Jewelry at The Aurora Company in Aurora, OR as well as Farmhouse Romance in Carlton, OR.  Both of these boutiques are in beautiful wine country and are the perfect addition to any wine tasting adventure.  


The Aurora Company is the sweetest store in Aurora.  When you arrive in town, you'll feel like you've been transported back in time.  It is incredibly charming!  The store itself is stunning with its old wood floors and high beamed ceilings.  Stepping inside, you'll find an array of handmade jewelry as well as clothes made with beautiful materials and timeless design.  They also offer an assortment of candles and body products as well.  I am so thrilled to find a home for my jewelry here!


Farmhouse Romance and The Aurora Company share the same owners.  You'll find Farmhouse Romance in downtown Carlton, OR.  This charming store resides amongst other sweet boutiques as well as tasting rooms where you can drink the best wines Willamette Valley has to offer.  This shop is tiny, but mighty!  The cases are full of antique as well as modern, handmade jewelry that compliment each other perfectly.  You'll also find beautiful clothes as well.  It's quite the jewel box of treasures!


Both of these boutiques are located in charming small towns in Oregon's Willamette Valley.  In these areas, you'll not only find amazing treasures, you'll also be surrounded by incredible hiking destinations and delicious food and wine.  You'll surely want to put these on your list of places to visit this summer!

Take a Walk With Me...

There are so many beautiful neighborhoods where I live in Portland, Oregon and one of my favorite things to do is pick an old favorite coffee shop or somewhere new I haven't been before and take a walk exploring the surrounding area.  Yesterday I decided to visit the new Prince Coffee Shop on NE Fremont.  I was excited to see Katie, the owner, as I've been of fan of her since her Barista days, and congratulate her on her accomplishment.  It's always wonderful to be able to see other women become business owners and excel as leaders in the community.  

Prince is located in the Beaumont neighborhood which is one of my favorites to take a walk in.  At this time, it's exploding with color as there were so many beautiful blooming gardens and breathtaking trees and foliage to see.  


Fremont Street is full of little shops and restaurants and taking a walk down a side street will surely delight your senses.  I can't get enough of the beautiful homes and gardens you'll see at every turn.  For me, it's rejuvenating to get out of my neighborhood and go somewhere new.  I love being inspired by new environments and taking the time to explore always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work.


If you decide to take a stroll in the Beaumont neighborhood of Portland, OR, be sure to check out Prince Coffee as well as the other shops and restaurants along Fremont St.  I recently heard great things about Tiny Moreso so the next time I'm up that way, it will be the first place I check out.  Places to go in Portland are never-ending.  My running list is long, but that's the best thing about it- whenever I'm up for an adventure, I just need to look at my list and decide where I want to go.  We'll see where my list takes me next!