My First Giveaway and a Big Birthday Sale!

It's Summer, it's July, aaaannnddd it's my birthday month!  So many good things all rolled into one.  I love this month for all the memories it holds and for its glorious weather.  July is just all around good.  I've been relishing in its glory and feeling ever so grateful for you, my friends.  Yes, if you are here reading my blog, then you are likely someone who I'd like to call 'friend'.  I hope that's okay with you!  One of my top values in this life is connection and community.  I think of that every time I make a piece of jewelry.  When it goes out into the world, I want the receiver to feel the loving energy that I've put into it.  I know that may be a bit woo-woo, but I figure since I love what I do, I must be pouring good energy into it!  And moreover, I'm nothing, but grateful to you for being so supportive.  With that said, I am doing a giveaway soon to show you my gratitude and appreciation.  And after the giveaway, I'll be having my biggest sale of the year!  My one and only Birthday Sale!  To get ready, I've been adding so many new designs and one off's to the site.  My birthday is just one week away.... stay tuned for all the details!  


I will be sharing the details here, as well as on my newsletter (so let me know if you want to be signed up!), and my Instagram.  Thanks, as always, for being here!